About me


Hey, Gorgeous! Nice to meet you!

My name is Dorota (also known as Dorothy) and I’m the face behind Nailed by Aphrodite.

My journey with nail-art started in 2017 when I was living on a tiny Mediterranean island of Cyprus. While it’s a beautiful and very affordable place to live in, there was no nail salons nearby that would offer the nails in the style and (what’s more important) quality that I’d like. That’s why I decided to learn how to create them myself to ensure that I had a perfect set everytime. After polishing my skills (pun intended) I decided to turn my passion into a business in early 2019.



>> I am obsessed with cats and have a handsome black short-haired son named Totoro,

>> I could eat sushi everyday and never get bored,

>> I’ve been successfully running various artistic businesses since 2012, fe. SABO Design with 11K+ followers on Instagram and Aphrodite Studio with over 2K items sold on Etsy,

>> I’m originally Polish and moved to US in the beginning of 2018,

>> I’m addicted to coffee (hello, Starbucks!) and my favorite drink is caramel macchiato as well as ultra caramel frappuccino (hello, diabetes! lol),

>> island of Cyprus is known as a birthplace of Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and that’s why I named my company after her.